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  1. Hi Andy. Many thanks for the advice. I'll give it a go. Dan
  2. Hi. Thanks for looking at this and for any advice...... Basically I tried, unsuccessfully to replace the heater element on my Hotpoint WMFUG842G. Somehow (me banging it) the seal has been pushed inside the drum and there is no way now for me to remove the heater. I've tried my hardest to pull it out with no success. While trying to lever it out with pliers I managed to chip the actual plastic of the drum that the seal fits into so am now worried that if I do manage to remove and replace the heater it may leak. I accept that I may have to pay someone to repair it (if it's possible to repair) but don't want to pay someone to tell me it's a write off. The machine is only 15 months old. Can someone tell me my options please? Have I ruined the drum? Can the heater be removed? Many thanks again for any replies.
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