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  1. Thank you so much - I have tried brute force - pliers, screwdriver, knife lol and it still won't budge, which is how I broke it in the first place I will try taking off the back panel and see how I go - thank you for your help
  2. Hi, my washing machine started giving code E20, and I read that this is the filter being blocked. I managed to drain some of the water out of it into bowls using the drain/spin cycle, but the filter won't come out. The white flat front part comes out but the black filter part won't turn at all. I have broken the lugs trying to get the blooming thing out! I don't mind having to buy a new filter / pump (I see you have links for this, thank you) but how will I get the thing out in the first place? I read your article, and just want to clarify - I have someone else tip it backwards, take off the bottom panel and then I should see the pump? Then if anything is in there I try and remove it and then hopefully the filter part will come out? I would really appreciate your clarification as I want to try this before calling in a repairman. Thank you so much in advance - your forum is really helpful.
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