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    Hotpoint Wf860

    you are 90% right we are scared to put even £1 on the cost of a machine, but its not because of a price war with anyone else its because £1 onsite is arount £20 by the time it gets to the shop. I know from being a customer that if I can get the same specification machine (1600 spin with 7kg load and 4 easy programs AAA etc...) but I have a choice between a white box with a oval shaped door, a white box with a round door or a graphite box with these 2 options I'm going to go for the one that goes with my kitchen thats £20 cheaper. After all its just a washing machine I'll get 3-5 years and move on or get a new one. Its the throw away society we live in today. This is the way I think, well did think, Now if I'm buying I weigh up the name, the tests and use sites such as this to get my information. purely because I work in the industry now. but would it affect my choice. I have to say I've had as good an experience as you can have with domestic appliance's. (only ever had a toatster and a kettle go wrong) so I can say I would buy HP washer and seperate tumble drier. I've had electrolux and LG fridge's never went wrong so I'd go with them again. some weird eastern european cooker or one of the big arger's?? I'd have both again.
  2. I don't know how much it costs for replacement parts for our machines but the main cost would be anything electronic. All I know from our last quality report is that in the hard water areas there were around 10% more calls than in soft water areas. Again this may be because of the people in the areas being more likely to complain or the fact that there are more people in these areas, but I was told that the hard water has an effect on the heaters in the continental machines because of the coatings on the heaters, we have a double coating to reduce calcium where as the lower spec machines have a single coating and rely on you to do all the softening. On the not serviceable parts (welded drum) this was a request from our service department because it cost roughly the same to change a full drum assembly as it did to change the inner bearing but was much less time consuming.
  3. There is quite a bit of difference in the longevity (sp) Hotpoint have slightly better specification parts in them and are designed with hard water in mind. Continental machines don't seem to stand up as well in the south east as they do in the north west, but the HP machines seem pretty even all over. We have completed testing on competitors products to our standards and not seen a massive difference between all machines under £500.
  4. Poostix

    New Hotpoint Aqualtis

    Currently all of our 7kg and and washer drier range are all screwed drum, but this is changing. I'll take your thoughts to my boss as I had the same when I first turned up here. If it was unable to be damaged with debris and the coin trap/ filter was easy to get to I think alot of out problems would be resolved. I like this site I can get improvements for the machines from people that know what they are talking about.
  5. Poostix

    Ariston A1636 Washing Machine

    Now inside this machine is just a hotpoint 1600 machine rebadged.
  6. Poostix

    New Hotpoint Aqualtis

    Your right it is a cost saving but its also a good way to ensure the best seal rather than having 16 screws. Also I would leave the aqualtis for a short while. I have not had any chance to take one apart yet should be about 2 weeks. I'll also be doing this with the new MOON model, which looks quite cool but again I have not had chance to look at them to see if they are any good. My boss worked on the aqualtis range and is so happy with it he got one for him mum and himself?? I've seen his car so I'm not sure if its a good or a bad thing. ha ha
  7. I'm sorry Indesit and hotpoint are not the same, some models are built on UK sites using UK parts then sent to the continent, These should be OK for 3-5 years with no real issues, depending on where in the country you are based. Hard water areas will start to see problems before soft water areas. Hotpoint and Indesit brands made on the continent and shipped to the UK share about 30% of the parts, mostly the aesthetics and so the reliability will be slightly different. I can only comment on the machines I help produce, but the 960 should be a V.good machine for less than £300. Again Bosch do compare well in some areas and exceed in others. Just to get this right. I have only worked here for a very short time but have had hotpoint washing machines in the house since before I was born and never had a problem with one breaking down. I did live in the north west which is a very soft water area so the machines got a decent life.
  8. Poostix

    Hotpoint Wf860

    Hi all, Well I've just started working for hotpoint in the wet laundry design department so I'm hoping to get reliability up to scratch, if you have any suggestions / questions don't hesitate to contact me. Again I am quite new to the company but will help out where possible. In response I think the wf860 is one of our good machines we test for up to 3 years use with some machines running cycles for 3 months solid, only break is changing the loads between washes. If it was me I would have been going for the 960 ultima to be honest it still retains more of the UK based parts rather than the european bits. Again this year we have been informed our focus is improving quality so expect to see much better machines in 2008.