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  1. 14 months old. Woke up to find completely dead. Checked the obvious FUSES/WALL SOCKET/SPUR/TRIP tested the obvious.. Another device in the plug socket..etc. Opened it up, as I own a multimeter (although no expert). Check for continuity between the plug (with it unplugged) to the PCB boards and even control panel board. They are OK. No visual burn marks or burnt components either, such as resistors or capacitors. Tested the ON/OFF switch on the board.. came back OK. Contacted a guy selling washing machine parts, he advised to turn off the machine, then hold spin and then hold the ON/OFF button and it will give error codes.. Does nothing for me, dead. He said he's never come across one before that was completely dead, they all could at least give error codes. Bit lost as to how to figure out the culprit. Model is: WDX8543130B Which is the same as: WDX8543130W And I believe very similar (uses the same parts) as: WDIR7543101 Hope someone could point me in the right direction, give some tips or offer any helpful advice? We're currently struggling as we have 2 kids and getting quite behind on washing. Im tempted to rent one for the time being, but with it being a bulky item, im not sure where the old one can go. Ideally want the beko fixed as its not that old and does the job fine. I've taken extended warranty out 3 days ago, but of course, I cannot lodge a repair if there is a existing fault, nor can I lodge a repair for at least 30 days anyway...eek.
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