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  1. Hi Andy and All, Thanks. I got to the similar conclusion. I have removed the the control PCB but couldn't see anything unusual. So I have sent the board for test and repair (~£33 on Ebay). I hope I will get some information about the fault and will know more what do I need to check. This hole think happened during a program close to the end. I think it is a silly question because the door lock connected to releases but is it possible that the current changing on in the lock during a program. So when the machine got to the spinning which need more power and than boom. By "installation test meter" test do you mean a PAT test? Thanks anyway, I will update this post after I get the PCB back. Thanks, Peter
  2. We have an Indesit IWDC6125 UK washing machine. A few days ago it kicked off the fuse on the switch board and we couldn't open the door. I have managed to open the door from inside and remove the door-lock. I have opened up the lock and it was burned inside. I have ordered a replacement door-lock. I fitted the new lock and after the door is closed the washing machine starts the program (let some water in) for a few second and stop. The other issue is that as soon as you plug in the washing machine the door lock is powered so if you close the door it locks without starting a program.
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