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  1. Many thanks Andy - was hoping it would be a simple fix but looks like not the case! Thanks for your advice and taking the time to reply.
  2. Hi, My washing machine keeps filling with water when on any program including spin and drain. On a wash cycle it will fill up and then drain and end the cycle early without going through the washing cycle. On spin and drain it will keeps filling water via the drawer but does spin and drain. I can stop at the end and remove the clothes fine but if left it continues to fill up again and drain etc. If I turn the machine off then it stops. From my research this is likely to be an issue with the water inlet valve or a problem with the pressure system. I have checked the hose on the pressure sensor and this seems fine. I have also blown down it into the pressure chamber and can hear the water bubbling. Do you think I need to replace the pressure sensor or do you think it is more likely a problem with the water inlet valve and this needs replacing instead? Or any other idea? thanks in advance Andy
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