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  1. I ran a damp old tea towel through it also and it sounded fine. There was no damage to the fabric either
  2. I did a basic strip down this morning There was also a tear in one of the mesh panels in the filter. Understandable if a piece of metal was whizzing around inside. I took out the condenser unit underneath and it looked to be ok. There are screws on the side walls, near the front. One looks to be slightly out of place and a little sign of rust on it already. I wonder if anyone has an image of a new condenser unit? Does it have any metal strap screwed onto it?
  3. I have had exactly the same thing happen this evening. Found a twisted metal strap, very similar to the one pictured. There was no screw at one end and it was sheared at the other. It was twisted up a lot more than yours. I found it in the drying pulled out of my relatively new Hotpoint dryer. I use a Bosch washing machine, rather than Indesit. Would be interested to know what on earth it is.