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  1. Thank you for your input Andy. I have included a picture which shows the thermistor and the seal around it. From further research, I believe I have found the part I need, which is £31.24. This feels a bit excessive for such a small component, am I missing something here? https://www.4washerhelp.co.uk/search.pl?query=2566361OH This also takes 10 days to dispatch. Is this something I can purchase from store in person?
  2. Is the seal the only thing that keeps it in place? Seems strange to me that there is nothing else securing it.
  3. Hi My Whirlpool washing machine (7.5 years old) started leaking from the start of a wash during the first few minutes. I opened the back and found the leak coming from a black washer part which is connected to the electrical, as shown in the picture (circled in red). The black washer was sticking out slightly, I pushed it back in and the leak seemed to slow down. Please can someone help me identify what part this is and what do I need to do to fix the leak? I am not familiar with the various parts at the back of the washer, but it seems weird to me that there is this black washer "plug" which seems quite loose currently, does it normally sit like this?
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