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  1. Hello Andy, Thank you for the prompt response. The leak is definitely coming from the back of the machine and the drum is stainless steel so unless this has perished in some way, I'm guessing it's unlikely to be the culprit. Having felt around the back (with the machine unplugged!) it is dry everywhere else so I'm fairly confident it is confined to the rear lower half of the outer drum. Someone in another forum suggested, 'there is a cast cross at the rear of the drum. This has a water seal that seals the spider against the drum stainless steel rear. Sounds like that seal has failed.' I've yet to receive a response as to the part number or name of the seal, attempts to find the part on line have yet to be successful. I'm fishing for a second opinion! Warmest Nik
  2. Afternoon all, Model WVD2452BGB/04. Metal drum, only leaks when water gets to a certain level. Appears to be coming from the back of the drum at the bottom. Identified location by removing front, pouring as much water in the drum as possible without it spilling out, tipping the machine back until it started leaking. Having a feel around it doesn't appear to be running down from anywhere else, but can't be certain without dismantling the whole thing. It's a slow leak, only loses about a pint in the course of a normal wash. Any top tips gratefully received!