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  1. Hi Kal402, thanks so much for the info. We've booked a dryer repairman to come in a week or so. He didn't know what the metal strip was. I think we're experiencing similar problems as you with the different cycles so we'll double check and also send him this post. Thanks again and I'll update this post once we know for definite. Best wishes.
  2. Hi there. Yes very strange how it got in. The machine runs but doesn't dry anything so will have to get it fixed. Thanks for the advice.
  3. Yes appears to be a Hotpoint issue. I haven't taken mine apart yet. Thinking of running it and seeing what happens
  4. No problem Andy and thanks again. I'll open them up and see if it's anything obvious. Thanks
  5. Hi Andy. Thanks for the quick response. I'll run both machines and see what haopens. Thanks, Kevin
  6. Hi there. I found a stainless steel strap (see attached photo) approx 10mm wide and 150 mm long buried in a load of dried clothes within our Hotpoint tumble dryer. It may have come from the dryer or alternatively was wrapped up in the clothes from the wash in our Indesit washing machine. There was also a very small screw in there. There is a screw hole in one end, and the strap is twisted like a corkscrew at the other end and has sheared off at the other screw hole end suggesting it's been twisted then torn off during a spin cycle. I've looked in the drums of both machines and can see where it could of come from inside, but can't see how it would have got inside the drum. Any ideas? Could I still run either machine without the strap or attempting a repair? Many thanks.
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