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  1. I get an error 03 on washing, finding out it's a draining issue we cleaned out filter, then changed the pump.....still doing error so found out it could be pressure switch not saying drum is empty to spin so we changed that and I'm still getting the error 3. After getting the error if we turn off the power leave it a cpl of hours then use drain and spin function it works and spins. As a result though I never get the fabric softener cycle to go on. If we do the drain and spin straight away after the previous error we then get an error 16 but have no other electrical issues with it and it's the only time error 16 comes up. We are at a loss now as to what else is wrong to repair it? It's only just 3 years old. Any help would be gratefully appreciated before we buy a new one after spending 70 pound on parts already! It's a candy gv168t3w 1-80 model if that helps. Thanks in advance Donna
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