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  1. Hi Everybody, this thread is a bit old, but it helped me identifying the tacho coil very well. I was succesful with the repair finaly, so, maybe it could help somebody else: 1/ Tacho coil is machine pressed on this Beko motor. However, i was able to remove it a) I used a screwdriver placing it at the bottom of the coil (under the coil) from the side (facing the shaft), hammering on the screwdriver gentle and shifted the coil by cca 1mm. Be gentle to avoid the damage of the shaft. b) Then, i shifted the coil by levering using the screwdriver, piece by piece, be patient again 2/ The tacho coil is available in Czech republic for 8euro. 3/ I used some accessories to press the coil on the shaft using hammering. I tried not the hammer on the coil to avoid any damage. I used a screw or the screwdriver extension (see foto) of the same diameter as the inner coil ring, placing it on the inner (gold) coil ring and hammering on that many many times, shifting it piece by piece. It is not easy, but it is possible. I was succesful.
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