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  1. Andy Thanks again for replying. It's a good old machine. I've replaced the pump & the drum bearings over the years, everything else is original, and it still looks tidy. It was one of the first machines claiming to be environment friendly with 'economy programmes' so your bio idea is probably spot on. It's still usable with the wash temperature turned right down to allow the program to advance, and I would rather have the spare part ready before dismantling, so I haven't seen the wiring yet. I know it has 4 tags plus earth, so separate connections to each heater. I found information about the original heater on a German website which tells me the rear flange is 70 x 18mm. I expect that this size is common for many AEG and other machines. Am I correct? Thanks once more
  2. Andy Thanks for your very sensible advice. The price of the proper part is probably more than the whole machine is worth - it's more than 20 years old now, so I would like to do the repair at minimum cost if possible. I still don't understand the reason for using a dual element heater? Would my solution work? Another basic question. Are the rear mounting flanges/gaskets on most of these heaters a standard size? Thanks again.
  3. AEG Lavamat 610. The heater has failed on my old machine. I would like to repair it at minimum cost. This machine uses a dual element 1900W/950W heater (AEG 645423235) costing £40 plus, -unless someone can suggest a cheaper source? I see that there are single element heaters which will fit, such as Partmaster 'alternative manufacturer' 2.3KW heater for under £14 here. Can I use this cheaper part and bridge the contacts so that the single element will be energised when either heater power is called for? What was the supposed advantage of a dual element heater in the first place? Thanks.
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