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  1. I have a Samsung WF70F5E5P4W which is about 3 years old, and two days ago it starte acting strange. It starts the program, the drum spins okay, but then at some point in the program it seems stuck. It tries to rotate the drum, but it only moves a couple of inches, and then goes back, then it tries it in the other direction. eventually the washer stops (pause). I can then resume it, but most of the times it does the same thing again and stops, Sometimes it continues th program, but might again stop at a later time. I have been able to manually rotate the drum at all times, so it is unlikely that it is stuck against something. I have checked the wirering at the back, but nothing seemed to be broken or disconnected. I got an 3E error once, but only that one time. I have recorded a video of the behavior here. Do you have an idea of what might be causing this? Any help would be appreciated :)
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