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  1. ok thank you for your help, the machine finally gave me a error code of F05 so I checked the filter and now it works fine spinning as before, it had not occurred to me to check that.
  2. Hi Andy I have read your article on spin cycles but I can't see how to fix the problem? What part I need? and where to get it from? ETC. If this is a fixable issue I would like to give fixing it a go.
  3. Thank you Andy for your reply, it is definitely doing a full 1600 spin and the clothes are coming out well spun. It just docent seem to like to do a 1600 spin or infant any spin when it has more than half a load in? Also can't seem to hear any more noise from it that usual I heard a grinding the other day but that sounded like the bearings?
  4. I thought it was the brushes, but on my model the brushes are integral with the motor and I was told if it was the motor then it wouldn't be spinning properly at all! Well it dose spin but with only a few items at a time if I leave it, it just keeps refilling and emptying and sloshing around for hours!!!! Is there some kind of sensor in the machine that may have gone? Any help would be fab as I don't have the money to buy a new machine at the moment!
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