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  1. Thank you Andy, I've done the following opened the door, turned the power off, drained the system, and removed the soap tray. Holding in the start button (S1) turned on the mains, I then held in the programme options button (s4) for a count of 12. All the LEDS turned on. I think this means it has entered it test mode. I closed the door. I pressed the start button S1 Light L6 started to flash I think this means is progressed in test mode. Looking inside the soap hole I saw water run from the middle hole for 2 secs the left hole for 2 sec the right hole for 2 secs Then water ran in from the left hole till there was about 30mm of water showing in the drum. Whilst this happened I monitored the pressure sensor This started at 0.48v and rose to 1.4v the valve then shut and nothing else happened. I pressed the start button (s1) again and the flashing lights changed to L6 and L1 and the display said END. I think this means that the level sensor are in error, however the 1.4v seems to be about right I think, I have independently checked the other level switch and it seems to be working OK - not sure when it should switch? I have a spare electronic level sensor and that operates just the same. Other things I know - there is 380v DC knocking about on the frequency motor driver card. The drain cycle works to empty the drum. Not sure where to go now.
  2. A few months ago, the main motor on my ISE 1606w washing machine stopped working. I took the frequency motor card out, inspected it all seemed well the motor seemed to be OK. Reassembled it and it worked. It has now failed again, in the same way, only this time the fault has not gone away after I inspected it and then reassembled it. If I put the machine into a simple programme such as Rinse with no spin and then press start the following happens lights l1to l5 light and 4 appear on the display panel. a short burst of inlet water a minute of nothing , then another short burst of inlet water. The Drain pump then kicks in after about 20 secs there is another short bust of inlet water, then after a further 20secs the drain pump stops and lights l1 to l5 go out, after a further 1/2 minute the 4 disappears If I now press door unlock for about 4 secs the door clicks open and the 4 on the display reappears. Its as if the Control unit and the motor controller are not talking to each other. Any ideas on what I need to check?
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