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  1. Thanks for the heads up :). The screws were all metal so I am hoping that it does not happen. But now I know and will listen for the knocking sound. Cheers and thanks a ton again!
  2. I just went ahead and took the weight off (I have done this 4 times in 1 week - so I am really fast in it now ) and fixed the spring in the right hook and MAGIC. It works perfectly. I can't thank you enough! Let me know if I can donate some money to the forum! Thanks a ton again Cheers Tathagat
  3. OK, I stopped it. The front door has glass in it. If I lay it down on the front, don't you think it might break? It will take the weight off the springs for sure - good idea. I am excited. Finally might fix it!
  4. I THINK YOU GOT IT!!!! I have connected the right spring (the one with yellow marking) in the wrong slot. Sh*******T. I am lucky that it did not break! I confirmed it by looking at the video I followed to change the bearings. Right now a washing is running. As soon as it is done, I guess I will have to open the machine again, take down all the weights and then reattach it in the right slot. Or do you think I can do it (re-fit the spring) with care without opening everything up again? THANKS YOU SO MUCH!
  5. Hi Andy, both dampers look exactly the same. Today I put the older one back in as the newer one made it worse. So I could recheck. It's not upside down for sure. I never took it off completely in the first run. Only took the connector from the drum off so there is no way it could be wrongly oriented. Please find some pictures from the back and top on this URL https://photos.app.goo.gl/6rvEZJazE5v9jHKe8 Also a picture from the front showing that the tub is hanging a little lower than it should. I don't know what I could have done wrong while putting everything back. All I did was replaced the bearings and put everything back together where it belongs. Cheers and thanks! Tathagat
  6. Hi Andy, thanks for the reply. I bought 2 new ones. They both are identical. So I am unable to choose the stronger one. Another thing that I note is that the drum is hanging lower than it should. I can see it from the front as the rubber is hanging. Do you think that the springs on the top might have worn off cause it to press down on the dampers? Cheers Tathagat
  7. Hello there, I recently replaced the bearings on the tub of my LG WD16223FD. After putting everything back I realized that one of the shock absorber is pressed completely down and making loud noise during spin cycle. So I went ahead and bought a new one. After installing the new shock absorber, it is also completely pressed and makes loud noise. You can see that in the attached video. Now there could be 2 possible reasons for it the new shock absorbers are also bad (fake) OR I did something wrong while putting the drum back together. The right (white) is the new one. The black is the original one. What could be the problem? I am out of ideas :(. Thanks! Tathagat lg shock absorber.mp4.ff.avi
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