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  1. Hello, thanks so much for your reply and help. I had no idea that new machines all took so much longer . It took over 2 hours to do a synthetics wash at 50 degrees. Thank you for the links. I had only put in a modest load of washing - there was still lots of space - maybe half the drum. I didn't think I needed therefore to halve it again for drying. I can't undo the pump at the bottom of the machine to check for fluff and neither can a chap I asked. Do you think it will need cleaning so soon? It's just that there was lots of lint caught in the rubber seal of the dome opening and I'm concerned as washing was so wet after I tried to dry it. I do have a warranty but think there's a call out charge. I wish I'd waited now, because my old machine was still working but I had thought a drier would be good to have.
  2. Hello, so glad I came across this forum but I'm concerned it may be a bit late. Just took delivery of this washer drier and was taken aback because it took an absolute age to wash clothes and made quite a bit of noise. Plus the drier hadn't dried the clothes after what seemed like two hours and it got very hot on the outside and I couldn't interrupt the cycle and then I read that if I turned it off suddenly it would be dangerous . It seems itll only cope with one wash a day which doesn't seem very good as I have a backlog. Do I have any rights for a refund because it seems so poor? In addition they sold me a warranty repair plan but it costs half the value of the machine for call out unless I am mistaken. I bought it online.