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  1. Had an issue with this Bush WMNSN612W washing machine. Had a rogue engineers ruler get in between the the drum, another story! It found itself between fingers of the heating element which to remove meant cutting the element. Moving on, fitted new heating element, re assembled to the point where I was ready to do a trial run. Putit into one of the wash modes and hit the 'go' button. The door lock mechanism locked, clunk click . . Then after a couple of minutes waiting, the two indicators for wash and rinse started flashing. Isn't the internet a wonderful font of info! Found out that this indicated the door was not closing/locking properly. Attempted the initial process a number of times and kept getting the same result. Door is locking but not getting any of the normal procedures following, ie pump running , assume the sump clear of any other water left in the machine. Does anyone have any ideas? Many thanks in advance. Mike
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