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  1. Thanks for the reply I don not have eny testing equipment to do it with Will have to get some one in to take a look Thanks for all the help regards graham
  2. Hi can you explain what you mean by open circuit please ? Regards
  3. Hi Andy thanks for your reply ( sorry for not replying sonner ) The machine is doing this on every selection we use Ie on the 59 mixed cycle it stops with 35 minutes left gos to error code On drain and spin which is 9 minutes long it stops with 5 minutes left same error regards graham
  4. Hi thanks Andy for the reply by pcb you mean the actual circuit board may be the issue ? All programs on machine are working it just stops at some point during then and e05 code is displayed ?
  5. Hi my hoover dynamic washing Was displaying an E05 error code Which I believed was a temptrue sensor issue I ordered and fitted a new sensor Yeterday But after a few washes the error code is back ? Any help on this issue would be great full?
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