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  1. I see. We have decided to get new a washer with a 10 year guarantee on parts which hopefully includes brushes but I'm guessing they are classed as disposable. Its not really worth repairing this Beko machine. Thanks for the information, it will come in handy for the future. Great website you have here, I will recommend it where possible. Also we will buy a new machine through one of your affiliates if they have the one we want. Thanks
  2. Ah ok. Thanks for replying. So I guess that means new motor? Looking at the edge of one of the brushes it does look like it wasn't sitting completely flush. So I guess different brushes have different angles on their brushes.
  3. Hello I have a Beko wm74135w that recently would not enter its final spin. It would spin fine up until the final spin though. I checked the brushes and one was worn completely down. The other maybe only 30% worn. I had only changed them about a year ago so. I ordered some new brushes but they were for a different Beko model. They are angled the correct way though so I put the new brushes in to the original brush casing and fitted them. All was fine and it was fast spinning except it seemed to spin faster than usual (can't confirm is this true or not since I am not the one that usually uses the machine). Next it started smoking from the back (I presume motor) So I switched it off. I checked the brushes to make sure that they were fitted correctly and they seemed to fit flush but there does appear to be some burnt marks on the brushes. Now the motor will not work at all. I have entered Test mode and the first thing that comes up on the screen is "E--". I presume that this means that there are no errors. The next thing that comes up is "052". Could the brushes have burnt out the motor? Could this be a problem somewhere else in the machine? What does "052" actually mean? Thanks
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