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  1. Hi Andy Thank you very much for your reply. I agree, it does sound terrible! I've been trawling YouTube for videos of different noises a washing machine might make to see if any sounded similar, but none of them really did. I did try to spin the machine with the back off to see if the noise could be sparking, but couldn't get it to spin! I'll try everything you've suggested when I'm home from work. Thanks again!
  2. Hello I have had a look through the troubleshooting guide, but I've not been able to pinpoint exactly what the issue with my w/m is. I think it might be the carbon brushes, but I would really appreciate your input. I bought a secondhand 6kg Indesit washing machine (IWC6105) almost three years ago which has been running fine until recently. When spinning, the machine would make a quiet clicking/ticking type of noise which I didn't pay much attention to as the machine was still functioning fine. Cut to last night, the machine started making a much louder noise and suddenly stopping mid programme and resetting itself. When I tried to drain the machine, the light glows but nothing happens except some quiet clicking inside the machine. The spin cycle seems to be where it's stopping and resetting itself. If I empty the machine and try to spin, it will spin for a short while but not very fast and then cut out. Yesterday I initiated a single rinse cycle and recorded some footage. When the spin started it quickly cut out and reset. All of the lights on the panel flash and then the start/pause light flashes intermittently as if the cycle has been manually paused. Today the machine will not spin at all and just makes various clicking and ticking noises. Here is a link to the footage. I would greatly appreciate any advice as to what this issue could be and also whether it's worth me trying to repair it or if it's a bigger issue than the machine is worth. I regularly check and clean the filter and have done so over the weekend, so I don't think this is filter related. Thank you! https://youtu.be/Gxsm_Cca3Do
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