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  1. HI Andy, the washer dryer has a Y connection at the back but is connected to the cold only. My husband has done a drum swop before and hasn't had any problems. He suspects it is the solenoids on the water inlet valves, but when he tested them they all had the same reading on his meter. The only other thing is the heater, but you don't need a heater for the rinse and spin cycle and that does the same thing. It has to be a minor problem as it all seems to lead to lack of water. Siphoning tube for washing machine is at the right height too.
  2. My husband has done a drum swop on a washer dyer as the bearings had gone on one machine. We had another machine with a fault which wasn't the drum. After the drum swop the washing machine stops mid cycle and the wash light flashes. The spin works and so does the pump out, but the rinse and spin cycle stops and the wash light flashes again. The water supply is OK and there aren't any kinks in the pipes. We suspect it is something to do with the water going into the machine. The soap isn't being washed out either. The heater went across with the drum swop and the pressure switch and hose. Nothing else. Same drum size and everything fits exactly the same. Any ideas welcome. Thanks