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  1. I was so happy that I didn't inspect the original connector properly and just reconnected to correct port to save myself stripping whole grid of wires. It had comparing to the new connector one of the plastic guide on its frame missing. Not sure if it was filed off or some misfit from production hence I think it fitted in the wrong port on PCB.
  2. So I was in contact with QER tech over the last week exchanged few short messages about the symptoms . He suggested that the PCB is not at fault in his opinion and generally was reluctant for me to send the board to test, he pointed to pressure sensor fault or possible earth leakage. I mentioned that I replaced the sensor and blown in it to try create different pressure to what he replied that this can damage the modern sensor. I was confused whether I've blown into the replacement sensor I got yet before I installed it so I bought another new replacement which when fitted in didn't make any change to the behavior. I then decided to buy new wires to the sensor to replace the whole pressure sensor circuit for new as I though the machine stood in showcase property and what if it never worked for some silly error and because faulty it was placed there by developer. The wire arrived today and as soon as I compared it to one on the machine the new wire connector had different guides on it which corresponded with other port on PCB which was not occupied. I tried to plug it there disconnected the original and VOILA ! PROBLEM FIXED!! The sensor was plugged in wrong port on PCB hence it was not picking up the feed from the sensor and kept switching the flood protection on. I have done a wash and dry today and works perfectly. It would have been clear immediately if there was a wiring diagram available, as such I must say it got repaired by luck. I have no clue why the connector would have been placed in wrong port, if it was repaired for other fault and then wrongly assembled and written off, no idea. I wanted to thank you Andy, for your kind advice and guidance through the course of testing. I have never had washing machine opened before and with your help I was able to begin understand how such machine works in principal. THANK YOU!!!
  3. Great to know it won’t hurt the pump running dry, coffee machine brass pumps don’t like that at all. I contacted QER this morning, tech who repairs these PCB’s is back at work on Monday so will get to know more then. Happy weekend.
  4. When the machine is plugged into mains it performs some check, interesting fact is that the door lock remains locked at all time. When the selection is left on OFF it doesn't go into draining, only when the program selection is made and program either started or not. To be honest I have left the machine draining until it stops itself only couple of times when I acquired it as I'm not sure if it is safe for the pump to be running dry. So I have to try that again to see if it produces any error itself. From what I understood from the manual it only shows the type of error which can be rectified by consumer. I think I will try to send the PCB for a test to QER next week as you suggest, I haven't found this type of PCB in their order search though so I hope they will be able to test it.
  5. When program is selected but not started it will begin to drain for few minutes and will stop not producing any error code. It only produces an error code when selection for an error reading is dialed. As I get it it detects a fault after 2 seconds and starts pumping the empty tub out regardless whether a various program is selected and started of or not. I have thought that one of the relay on PCB could be fried but then I'm confused that it would have those 2 -3 seconds delay to react and send it to drain and abort. As you say it might be some insulation or earth faults, which I'm not able to measure. I have to say that all of the earth connectors were pretty loose with not much of a grip which I have made a bit better. I saw some diy insulation test meters around £50 mark , do you think that would do the job to measure?
  6. I showed different situations in those short vids. If I select a program and touch nothing then after 2-3 seconds machine starts draining and touch display becomes unresponsive ( that's the case of the video I'm pressing all buttons and only getting double beep ) Basically if I select the program and then press Start button immediately when time appears on display the program starts but only for 2 seconds and then it skips to safety mode draining the water. It starts draining after 2-3 seconds from program selection is made regardless whether I press Start or not. There are videos showing those first 2-3 seconds of different programs ( Cotton, Intense Dry, Drum Clean) . In left lower corner of the display is STATUS led coming on for those 2 seconds and then coming off as the program is aborted.
  7. Here is the video of error code reading https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_O_ana9pxAY
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FXyDoYlq_0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emvXHrncefA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2NsN0e9qBY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFvjI8FOdo0 Managed to post the links to the videos. I will take a video of the error code and post later. I was away few days so haven't done anything on the machine since last week. If I recap the situation : - error code E26 , analog pressure sensor faulty ( now replaced) - there are 3 wires to the pressure sensor and the pressure tube, - I have physically checked for tube blockage - I will check the continuity and for possible short circuit of the wires, I think I have already done that before but to be 100% sure I'll do it again If the wires are fine I understand that the problem would be on PCB , what do you think Andy?
  9. Hi Andy, this morning I came across you tube video on how to read an error code and I tried it and it worked. I got E26 error code on the display which corresponds with faulty pressure sensor. Now I don't know if I need to clear that error somehow or if the problem persists and I should rather concentrate on measuring continuity of wires and maybe track a path on PCB. I'm going away for a week tomorrow so I won't be able to do more tests until back. I have also posted few short videos on you tube of the behavior of front panel display and starting the programs works right now. If you interested to see it I have attached the links: Ups, can't post with you tube link.
  10. Sadly, have to report that the fault persists after replacing the sensor, so as time will permit I will be trying to crack it. Will do basic checks of wire continuity around the sensor and door lock and if nothing will probably send the PCB for a test. Damn
  11. If it proves to be it I will dissect the faulty sensor to see what it looks like inside. I got the sense like if it was seized in its upper part (higher pressure). For now I'm sticking with the fact that it does send constant reading to the PCB ( when i created different pressure conditions by blowing in tube) and now when discovered that the front panel communicates the symptoms encouraged me to replace it and see. I mentioned on my first entry that the machine is 2-3 years old but only done 2-3 washes so it is like brand new and clean quite pleasure to work on. I believe the motor on this machine is brush-less, having some magnets instead. Until tomorrow when I will replace the sensor I'd like to think that it will be sorted then will push further with it if not.
  12. I will, definitely. I should have the part on Tuesday.
  13. Hi Andy, this is the machine with the latest analogue pressure sensor with the magnet inside the coil. The machine does its check when plugged in mains (electricity) and when selection of a program is made and I think sets itself to a safety mode upon receiving this incorrect feedback. It also never release the latch on the lock so the door remain locked at all times. The discovery is that I think that there are 2 seconds delay before the PCB locks the display front panel after the program selection is made and if I press START the program immediately after it is made available on the display the program then starts and runs for 2-3 seconds and is aborted with the drain pump coming on (the display and controls then become locked) keeping draining for 3-4 minutes and then stops as I think is programmed for safety mode so that with the valves shut the drum should be emptied in that time. It is very much possible that the programs begin with short draining. I think that the voltage return from the pressure switch should fluctuate between 5 - 10 V and I'm reading constant 9.4 V, it sort of explains the symptoms for me at this moment. The sensor is £40 from Bosch , but I found exactly the same at ApplianceSparesWarehouse for £18 so I will give it a go to replace it and see if it would fix the error. Many thanks again for your thoughts and information on the subject as it directs me towards understanding the logic of the machine's behavior.
  14. I was able to work on the machine again last night and I think I have a breakthrough discovery on the problem. By coincidence I figured out that I'm able to start the selected program. I can start the program in first 2 seconds when it lights up on the display, after 2 seconds the machine aborts the program and begins its safety mode of draining water. When I select the drying program then in those 2 seconds I get about 1 revolution of the drum and a program status light comes on until aborted. There is less to observe when washing program selected as those begin with water being filled, but again in the 2 seconds span I have program status light coming up. When a rinse program selected I get correct rinse status light on. Also in those 2 seconds I'm able to make adjustments to the program (temperature, spin rpm, delayed start..) . Door lock is constantly closed. This led me to think that the PCB might not be at fault. I have measured the returns from the pressure sensor on the ports at PCB whilst blowing in the pressure tube and I get constant readings at all 3 ports regardless the pressure created. I sense that when I blow in there is very little travel enabled as opposed when I suck the air away the magnet (or what is inside that coil) moves lot more. For this day I'm drawing a conclusion that the pressure sensor is at fault being stuck and sending incorrect constant information that the machine is filled with water. I will order a new pressure sensor on Monday and will see if that will clear the fault.
  15. Understood about the neutral return, thank you. I will check your site, I very much appreciate your help.