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  1. Yeah, will need to rely on them for post warranty servicing. I'll let you know in three years
  2. Thanks, but I've kept on looking and it looks like literally the only option on the market that has has such a big drum (120l) and can operate off a domestic power supply. All the top loaders available are small, so no help there. Next biggest is a 16kg samsung but their support team is atrotious and refused to tell me the capacity of the drum in litres. I've also heard some horror stories about the eco-bubble series. This no-brand's sales team has been very responsive, 30 day no quibble money back (and they pick up), and 2 year on site servicing. A third of the price of similarly sized commercial options (that won't work anyway without hot-fill, and even then not well). They're even finding a customer willing to call me for a chat. Have to give it a go. Let's see!
  3. Hi all, My friend is looking for an extremely large capacity washing machine for her home. She is american, so used to the larger offerings available over there. She largely wants this as she has dogs so often chucks their entire beds and blankets in. So, I think what she mainly needs is large volume (litres) rather than necessarily weight - and that's the first problem. UK machines are largely advertised by weight. I've seen 10kg (commercial machines) with, when you dig into it, bigger drum sizes than 13kg ones. grr. So hard to find. I also need one that will fit with a domestic installation - ie not 3 phase power! Best I've found is this, but it is a brand I've not heard of. Any other suggestions? https://www.caterkwik.co.uk/cgi-bin/trolleyed_public.cgi?action=showprod_CK8518 Thanks!
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