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  1. I just wanted to drop by again and give a few user opinions of the W1512 as promised. We've been very pleased with it so far. The control is really easy and my wife loves the timer which states the time for the program prior the the wash. The machine oozes quality from the finish, but I only had to see it running to see where the extra cash went compared to other brand machines with similar features. It stays perfectly still and practically silent during the entire cycle. This certainly gives welcome piece of mind compared to some of the old shake, rattle and rollers we've had in the past. My previous concerns regarding the 1200 spin were not entirely unfounded, but I haven't felt the spin to be lacking either. Towels do still feel a bit wet rather than just damp when they are removed from the machine, but they are still pretty well spun and not wet enough to cause any concern. The only negative thing I can mention is that the machine (delivered by Miele direct) was filthy when it arrived. There was a lot of dust/dirt around the door and on the lid. All of this cleaned up easily with a damp cloth, but still I wasn't too impressed by that as you can imagine.
  2. Many thanks for your help once again. Miele should be offering you commision I think! I've just ordered the W1512 and it will arrive on Wednesday. If there is any information you would like me to provide for your site regarding the specifics of this washer once it arrives (user perspective?) please let me know.
  3. Many thanks for your swift response. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to respond with such depth. Just out of interest, do you know how Which? rated the machine? The free sign-up requires credit card details to be handed over which put me off.
  4. Hi, I was about to buy a Miele W1512, but as I live in an apartment (read indoor drying & no space for tumble dryer) I was wondering if the 1200rpm will cause my wife and I problems. After reading this thread I started to think that 1200rpm would be plenty, but this thread made me unsure. Is an entry level Miele better than a faster Siemens or Whirlpool? We're living abroad at the moment and the Miele models which are available where I live are not as plentiful as in the UK. The next one up is the W3240 (1400rpm) but it's a big price difference (W1512 approx £530 Vs W3240 approx £790 ). There's a chance we won't be able to bring this machine back with us in a few years so it may need to be sold second-hand locally, which is fine but makes me prefer to not spend massive money on it. So if anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated. Thanks PS: Great site, really useful.