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  1. The dredded error E04 came back after a few washes.
  2. I removed the main pcb to look for bad connections joints etc but everything looked fine. After putting it all back together it worked! I'm guessing there was a bad connection somewhere. I read up somewhere that the motor control unit senses excess suds by analysing the current draw on the motor... interesting. Thank you again Andy for your replies and help. wayne
  3. The machine wont do any of the cycles. It locks the door and I need to shut off the mains power supply and wait about a minute to be able to open the door again. Earlier I could get it turning and pumping but now it wont pump or turn. Any idea how a washing machine actually detects too many soap suds?
  4. I've not tried every cycle, I'll try them all asap. I've checked the pump and the tub drain pipe for blockages all clear. Also Element, Thermistor and carbons all ok.
  5. Hi I'm having trouble diagnosing the fault with this machine. At the start of a wash cycle it will give a split second burst of water and then stop showing E04. I blew down the pressure pipe to check for blockages. Checked for resistance across both inlet valves - both show equal resistance. The pressure switch is mechanical type with 4 terminals but only 3 are used with 1 red wire and 2 blue wires. With the pressure switch disconnected there is no continuity between any of the terminals on the pressure switch. When I blow into the pressure switch to hear the click the 2 blue terminals connect. When I blow slightly harder past the click there is connection between red and blue1 and also connection between red and blue2. I'm not sure if the pressure switch is working correctly. On a spin and drain cycle the machine will pump out and the drum will turn a normal slowly for about a minute then a split second burst of water then stop. I can put some videos up if any help. thanks
  6. It just kept pumping out in small bursts. All fixed at the moment with new DC Module. Thanks
  7. I blew down the pressure pipe to clear any possible blockages I removed and checked the motor resistances across the brushes, taco, and windings all ok. There were two blue wires either end of the motor connector not sure what they are for. I tried changing the pressure switch. No burns on the DC module.
  8. Hi Andy, thanks for the fast reply. The black dusted away and there's no sign of any burning.
  9. Hi.. my first post My Beko washing machine has developed a fault, when I put it on a cotton wash it fills with water to nearly half a drum then does nothing for a minute or so then it will pump out a small amount of water then it will do the same again over and over. When I put it on a rinse spin and drain cycle it does the same. When I end the programme the machine pumps out all the water no problem. I changed the carbon brushes on the motor but still no luck so I pulled the pcb out to check for any burnt out components, there were a number of areas showing signs of being burnt but cannot tell which part actually burnt out if at all. Please see the attached photo. Many thanks Wayne
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