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  1. The appliance repairman told me that I need a new washer. I read the reviews on Consumer Reports and I looked at these models at Sears: LGWT7200CW LG1501CW I'm not dead set on the above models. Consumer Reports gave highest overall reviews to the LG washers. I'd like a top loading washer that is easy to use, doesn't break down, highly reliable. The appliance repairman recommended that I not buy a LG, Samsung, or Kenmore because those models are more difficult to fix. I live in Honolulu, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. And the sales people at Sears mentioned that only a few people are trained in LG washer repairs on the island. The CR reviews (August 2018, page 52) gave LG washers the highest predicted reliability. If that is true, then maybe I won't need any repairs on an LG washer for seven or eight years. Is that true? What is your opinion on the current 2018 line of LG washers? Will they have the best predicted reliability; not needing repairs for numerous years therefore over riding the issue that there are only a few trained LG washer repairmen on my island?
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