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  1. Ran a short cycle without this switch even connected. After 10 minutes the door felt warm, so I emptied the machine with the waste going into a bucket, and yep, the water was hot. As the switch circuit must default to cold for safety reasons (rather than the max 90C setting), I am thinking it's the more serious control board and/or mechanical control mechanism - both of which may prove uneconomical to start bothering with on a 14 y/o machine.
  2. I have a Beko 2313 CZ cold-fill standard washing machine. Recently it was stuck mid-cycle and water was VERY hot, even though it was on a 40C cottons programme, oh and the motor was not turning. Motor brushes found to be very worn and I replaced those. It then turned ok, rinsed etc, but still the water was very hot. Next, I checked the thermistor and compared the readings to a new one - same output, but fitted a new one anyway just to be sure; but the same result - the water was still becoming very hot. I then tried on 40C, 30C, and even COLD wash, but water still being heated by the element. Does this sound like an expensive control board issue, or perhaps just the selector switch (see image)? If so, any way to test this selector switch? Or any other suggestions?
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