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  1. Well the new belt didn't work so it was going to be a new machine, however having used your link to e-spares & deciding to let the old man fit the bearings (if it completely mucked up the machine we would still have to get a new one) I now have a machine that WORKS!!! She is quiet, washes better and while he had her in bits I cleaned all the pipes & drawers & seals so no nasty smells either. If it hadn't been for this site & all the advice therein I would have spent far more than the £50 I did on parts on a repair man or a new machine. It also kept "he who must be ignored" busy, and happy not to have spent money when not really necessary, always a bonus. So Thank You AGAIN!
  2. I would just like to say a HUGE THANK YOU for this site. I have a servis machine, must be 4-5 years old, & until last week had been as good as gold (well gold plate). It recently decided to stop spinning so i did the usual: checked filter & drain hose, kicked it hard, all to no avail. My other half then came home & removed the back, pipes, motor & anything else that he could take off, cleaned it wiggled it then put it back, which seemed to work, it now spun again.....but the hose now leaks where he punctured it & the belt falls off when it gets to its "fast spin"!! so once again the back comes off, a new hose, though not one that actually fits properly, and belt back on, yea it works! Until "fast spin" when once again off comes the belt. And again and again. OK I've had enough now! need some advice. Should I try new belt? Call out repair man? Buy new machine? As all the advice in the world seems to be on computer now I logged on to look and here you are!! I have spent ages looking through your site, (came across it while trying to decide between hoover & zanussi, (had decided a new machine would be easiest)) and ended up looking at all the repair advice and forums as well as recommendations. Well I'm going to try a new belt, if it still keeps coming off then it's probably the bearings & that would cost more than the machine did so it will be a new machine. As we hope to emigrate next year it will be a cheapish zanussi otherwise I love the ISE, which I'd never heard of, the ethos behind it sells it to me! Thank you again for this site, it's great to get FREE advice from someone who knows. Sorry for the ramble.
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