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  1. Hi All, I have an Indesit WD12X which is probably 10 years + old. It died the other day, loads of noise, banging around and now the drum wont turn by the machine and when I try to turn it by hand, it's very stiff, grindy and moves. Either way, With the cost of replacements and the age of this machine, I am happy to let it be taken away.. I am looking for a replacement washing machine, I am not interested in the dryer aspect, I was thinking about a Beko Liw714w15. https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/household-appliances/laundry/washing-machines/logik-liw714w15-integrated-washing-machine-white-10137982-pdt.html The one thing I have noticed is that my Indesit has 3 pipes going to it, 1 conduit covered one down the bottom and 2 up the top wth red and blue collars, both of which join to a Y pips on the cold feed of the tap next to it. It seems easy enough for me to disconnect all of this and install the new machine rather than paying £44 for install but I am concerned that the new machine only has 1 input... Do I block off one of the pupes? Why does my current machine have 2 but all the new ones I look at have 1? Also, one last thing before I disconnect this machine. The pipes which the 2 (red / blue) pips join to has a little valve on, which I assume i turn to close before disconnecting the pipes and where the conduit covered pipe goes to, this also has a valve which I assume needs turning off before disconnecting? Many thanks Mark
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