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  1. Thank you! As it isn't my machine and I am certainly not a machine-savvy person, I don't think I would want to try taking the top off. That said, my landlord has been back in touch and she is offering to send around someone to look at it/repair it and I will suggest both of your comment above -- a seal replacement and a look at the hosing between the soap dispenser and drum. I did clean out the soap dispenser, and tried to put some baking soda mixture down the hose, but obviously, with the top still on, the angle didn't guarantee anything. Thanks again!
  2. Thank you for your help! After following so many of these groups and having run through the suggestions without luck, it seemed like it may be beyond my powers. Was hoping not, but at least I can stop trying now. Thanks again
  3. Hi, I moved into a rental flat about a month ago and found the washing machine full of balls of small debris and smelling quite strongly of mildew. I ran a very hot cycle with vinegar (twice), washed the rubber seal with dish soap and warm water to clean the mildew, cleaned the soap dispenser and behind it, and ran a wash through with baking soda. It still smelled quite strongly, but I put on a first load and it came out with brown and black particles and what looks like sand and dirt as well. Some of the particles can be brushed off, but some leave a blackish-brown mark when scrapped off. I went out and bought soda crystals, ran two loads on very hot. It didn't help so I ordered descaler in case it was detergent. Ran two hot loads with the descaler and still clothes are coming out like the attached imaged. I have tried to contact my landlord for more help, but haven't heard anything back. Does anyone have any other suggestions or ideas as to what could help or how I should proceed?
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