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  1. Lg Wm14316fd

    No problem - Feels good to make a contribution to such a handy site!
  2. Lg Wm1437wfd (steam Direct Drive)

    The steam model you have chosen, I believe comes with a 5 year guarantee from LG. If you were to spend your money on what is considered to be one of the best, Miele, you would also get a 5 year guarantee for a model around the same price. However, the specification on the Miele would not come near the LG, for the same price, and same guarantee time. For example a £700 Miele would have around 6KG drum, but the LG has 8KG, also you are getting triple A performance with the LG, as for the Miele, it would more than likely be a ABB or AAB at best around these prices. You could also wave goodbye to the steam feature (but then, do you really need steam!?) Of course, there is more to a Miele than Spec. and guarantee! And if we could all afford a £1750 washing machine with a 15 year guarantee we wouldn't need this site!! I recently went for a £480 LG WM14316FD at a bit of a risk. It only has a 2 year guarantee, but I decided to buy it I just looked at that price over 2 years, and for the spec. it seemed a reasonable choice. If I really wanted to spend £700, The 5 year guarantee would give me some confidence with that LG, and from my experience so far with the WM14316FD they seem a pretty solid machine, seems a solid machine! But thats the risk, only time will tell!! My only concern would be the rinse issue, raised in the post above written by admin/(Andy?) All that said, maybe you have plenty cash!! In which case I would get LG right outta my head and buy a Miele for around double that, and not worry for the next fifteen years!!! Forgot to add - thats my de-ranged opinion, make of it what you will, or something
  3. Lg Wm14316fd

    I recieved the WM14316FD yesterday. Initially the machine shone quality. Most of the front panels are pressed steel (metallic sprayed), and the door trim is either brushed stainless or aluminium (didn't have time to check which) none the less, this door trim has been brushed on a lathe. The handle and rest of the door fascias consist of chrome plated steel parts, which are to an almost "mirror quality" plating. This machine is very easy to use, controls are kept to a minimum, they are lit by LED's of various colours, giving a very esoteric look which I like. These are a few initial cosmetic factors that add some points to the quality scale. This machine has a 8KG capacity, which is obviously bigger than the average, so I make sure the washes are made up of similar items and loaded well toward the recommended capacity. Sticking to these recommendations, these latest generation ("smart"!) machines are able to show off to their limit. Its a triple A+ machine, so it monitors every step of the wash. It maticulously adds water to its calculated load level as the wash commences. During the wash cycle, a pump continuously drops the drum water from above the door over the clothes, I doubt that really has much of an advantage in wash performance, but maybe has a contribution. Straight away I was very impressed with the noise level, I think the direct drive motor has a lot to do with this. There is very little "whine" from it, and that doesn't really change right through the wash, even the final 1400rpm spin at the end is extremly quiet. That said, (as mentioned elsewhere in this forum) the method of drive was never really much of an issue, at least not enough to really warrant a concern in washing machine manufacture. The noise level in general though, is outstanding. I tried excessively under loading the machine, to see if I could get it to reject the higher speed spins, but it just ran through without any problems. Obviously the machine was a lot smoother when the 8KG limit is nearly met. Every time most items come out with very little water retention. Nylons are VERY close to dry, as are some other man-made materials. Overall I'm very happy, it well deserves its triple A rating. Now I just need to see if it meets the test of time. It comes with a two year guarantee, and I got mine for £480, including delivery to the Highlands. This LG machine, and many others throughout their range, have recently been discontinued by LG. So if stocks last we can expect more price cuts on this nice machine, which was £699 not all that long ago.
  4. Lg Wm14316fd

    Hi everyone, After much research, I think I will be purchasing a new silver LG WM14316FD. I chose this machine over the Zanussi ZWF16581S, after finding it to be a near impossible task to get the machine delivered within a reasonable amount of time. I need a big drum, which is the only reason why I'm not buying a Miele machine. I should recieve the machine early next week, at which time I will try and post any initial feedback on this LG machine. Also, if anyone knows this to be a bad choice of model - please reply to this post as soon as possible!! (Thanks to Admin for this extremely handy site!!)