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  1. Hi, yes it solved the issue. You can check by seeing if the wheel can be slightly moved while still attached. Also the fact that when I removed it there was no knocking noise coming from the drum if I rotated it by hand. The new wheel was clearly a snug fit and required a bit of effort to push it into place - this was in contrast to the old wheel that came off easily. Hope it solves your issue.
  2. Yes it’s loose on the shaft. Going to replace it and hopefully that will solve issue. Will let you know. Thanks for your advice much appreciated.
  3. Having removed the wheel (which seemed to have a little too much play) and now spinning the drum by the spindle there’s no noise at all. On the floor of the machine and in the wheel there’s a build up of fine black dust?? Maybe a new wheel would solve issue you think?
  4. Thanks. I’ve taken off the lid and back of the machine and as you recommended moved the drum around but there’s no noise so believe weights still firmly attached. I’ve taken the drive belt off and when spin the drum the clunking noise occurs although much quieter. I’ll remove the support wheel to try and see the bearings.
  5. Hi. Would be very grateful for advice on following problem with our integrated AEG washer dryer which is just over 4 years old. I’ve gone through your videos but am still not sure what is causing the noise. The machine has developed a knocking sound which you can hear when you rotate the drum by hand - it creates a single or double knock for each whole revolution of the drum. It’s louder when you turn the drum anti-clockwise. It is muffled during the wash cycle but then becomes very loud during the spin cycle. There is no rumbling sound and there’s no leakage or brown staining in machine. The machine works perfectly fine and cleans and drys clothes. When moving the drum by hand the noise seems to build up to the knock sound if that makes sense? Just concerned that this could build into a more serious problem. Am a confident DIYer so am up for a challenge but if machine is failing then will replace. Have tried to post video here but too large. Many thanks.
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