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  1. Hello everyone, I am new to the forum, joined to soak in (if you would please excuse the pun) some wisdom and knowledge in regards to washers and driers. I have never owned either before but have to purchase soon as will be moving to a unit that does not have its own washer and drier. I did some research on the web and walked in a few appliance stores-it;s still a work in progress. So far I have been narrowed it down to 2 choices (subject to change as my quest progresses) 1. 2018 ELectrolux EFLS627UTT for $999 https://www.electroluxappliances.com/Washers-Dryers/Washing-Machines/Washing-Machine/EFLS627UTT/ OR 2. A store in my state has left over 2017 Speed Queens 9000 series (awne92sp113tw01) for $900 https://www.consumerreports.org/products/top-load-agitator-washer/speed-queen-awne92sp113tw01-377558/overview/ Anybody has any suggestions? Thanks in advance! PS I live in the USA but I was hoping there might be US forum memebrs or non US memebrs that have experience with both machines.