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  1. I live in a remote area with a private power supply Where we are not allowed to use anything electrical that heats water, or uses more than 1KW. My hot water is heated by an instantaneous gas water heater. I have been using a 20 year old Whirlpool machine with hot and cold inlet, but recently the drum spider broke on it and I am unable to get a replacement part as they are now obsolete. So I've been searching for a replacement machine with a hot and cold fill. I've found a couple in the UK but nothing in Ireland (IE) where I am. Is there a list anywhere of the models that have a hot and cold water inlet? Some sites list this under the spec's but you can't search on it, so you have to look at every machine to find out. These are the ones I found in the UK, but none of them seem to be available in Ireland. Thanks. Ebac various models Fisher & Paykel WH8060J1 Samsung WF80F5E2W4X BLC12688