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  1. Thanks for your help (very quick indeed!), We transported it on the wrong side, wish I'd known about it... I think the smell isn't so much coming from inside the machine so you might be right about it having leaked onto other machine parts. I'll put those tips into practice and see what happens. Thanks!
  2. We've just bought a second hand Bosch Classixx 1200 and have the same problem, our washing machine has that really strong drain smell (even the first load we did yesterday smells a bit funny). There is some grime around the seal but not a huge quantity. I was wondering if it has anything to with the fact that we had to transport the washer on its side (it wouldn't fit upright in the car). Quite a bit of drain water leaked out of the waste pipe and I'm thinking that maybe some of that water ended up in the machine too? Can a washing machine be transported safely on its side? I'm now trying a hot wash with detergent and soda crystals so we'll see what happens. Could it be that I need to clean out a filter or something? Thanks, Konrad Oh, I almost forgot - when I opened the drawer for the powder it had quite some (clean) water in the liquid dispenser compartment. Is there anything wrong with this? Maybe the water pressure is a bit too high?
  3. Hi, I've read some of the reviews on the washer help site and did a search for 'cheap Miele washing machine' and this one came up. Does anyone have any experience with this machine? It looks kind of basic but I like the idea of that because that means I'll probabaly be able to work it and less chance of stuff breaking down. It includes 5 year Miele warranty and UK mainland delivery. Konrad