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  1. Miele W1512 Washing Machine For £519

    Well after thinking about it for a while we've bought a W1512 which arrived 4 days ago. We are very happy so far, it seems to be an excellent machine. I think the looks are ok, controls setup make is very simple to use. Build quality seems excellent, its a heavy machine and much more solid than the old machine we had. We've done approx 8 washes and we like how quiet it is, how quickly it wash (compared to old Indisit), it uses less water, spins better. We got it for £437 and so far its money very well spent
  2. Currys Never Had W3240 In Stock ?

    ahh maybe its an older model. Anyway I check in Currys store today and they said they had stock problems from Miele and thought it was tied in with the warrenty promo thats on at the moment. I'll keep checking. PS great site, really useful
  3. After hassle with cheap washing machines that don't last I've decided to get a W3240/A. Since we've decided to bite the bullet Currys have never had any in stock! Quite frustrating but we can wait... we have vouchers so are tied to them. It seems to be available elsewhere online but Comet has no stock either I noticed. Is this model being phased out or just very popular ?