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    That's right. Looking at some of the on-line deals, disposal and connection can easily add another fifty quid to the price. I could have connected the Miele myself as I did the Zanussi but the advantage of the seller connecting it is that if there's anything wrong, the right people are there at the right time to sort it out. They even capped the hot connection without having to be asked. I could also have taken the old machine away to the dump too - at some risk to my back! No, we may have paid a bit more than on-line prices, but we still got a very good deal. A firm endorsement if ever there was one. As an aside, when I was a youngster, I used to work in an electrical dept in a department store selling both brown and white goods. I could tell some stories, especially about the selling styles of some of the in-store demonstrators working there.
  2. As luck would have it, our 12 year old Zanussi Jetsystem decided to violently announce its sickness a few days before we went away, making a serious banging sound on fast spin. my wife had Premier Electric out and they changed the hole-y drive belt, but a few days later, it happened again, this time a bit more terminally. After taking some part-washed items to some friends for rinsing and spinning , we had a closer look and suspected the bearings, since the drum was scraping around on the tub. When we got back, we paid a visit to John Lewis to look at some Bosches and Siemens. I'd spent some time on this website beforehand, as I always like to know more than the sales people before I buy something, so also had half an eye on the Miele range, which were a bit further up the price range. What John Lewis said completely coincided with Washerhelp, so we looked a bit more seriously at the Mieles. Premier came back and confirmed that the bearings were shot on the Zanussi, so we mentioned what we'd found out about the Mieles, and asked for prices on 3 of the models. I'd already got prices from an on-line dealer and wasn't suprised that Premier's prices were waaaay more expensive, but they knocked £50 off the front running model after the engineer made a quick call to base. The one we went for was the W3740. Premier threw in free delivery, connection and testing and took the old washer away for £789. That was £30 more than the online price I gave them but that didn't include the disposal charge and more importantly, they had the model in stock. Believe it or not, the new washer arrived and was connected and tested within TWO HOURS of the engineer making the call to order it! It's incredibly well built. We've tested it already and it's performed brilliantly so far. I'd just like to say thanks to Andy for providing this resource, which played no small part in helping us make a decision. It's a mine of useful information!