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  1. Good luck with your problem. The power control box is in the base of the machine, accessible through the rear panel. You can't really miss it: a black plastic box with several wiring looms connected into it with multipin connectors. I dismantled the box to get at the board to see if it was likely the source of the problem.
  2. Hi - yes, it was the board - the new one is installed and working. But what caused the original fault? Still wondering about that. We had a power surge just before Christmas, and later that day the element in the oven went - not very convenient to say the least. Coincidence? Probably. But if the washer was on (can't remember whether it was or wasn't) when the power surge happened, perhaps that might have caused a transient spike that damaged the diode next to the transformer on the board. It was then a matter of time before the device packed in. My theory is that since the display was showing "End" before it failed, maybe the door interlock relay that releases the door after the end of the cycle is the thing that tipped it over the edge. We will likely never know the root cause, but we do know that the power board was the faulty item and replacing it has fixed the washer. Thank you for your comments!
  3. Well if anyone else has the same problem - I found the issue. It's the power board in the base of the machine. I removed it and found part of the board was blackened. Got a new one on order: best price was with the link on this forum. <img src="https://i.imgur.com/4PPA0nH.jpg" alt="Hoover PCB"> https://i.imgur.com/4PPA0nH.jpg
  4. Hi - any suggestions about likely causes of the following issue? This washer is at least 4 years old and had just finished a wash cycle - displaying "end" in the display. All of a sudden, the breaker in the fuse box went pop, and my wife, who was in a neighbouring room, believes she heard it to be louder than usual, followed by a hissing sound. (The breakers and machine are in the same room so with no-one there, it's hard to say whether the machine went pop, or just the breaker. Anyway, the machine no longer shows signs of life: no display. I have read the checklist and checked the fuses (one in the plug, and one further upstream in a wall mounted fuse holder) - both OK. I have reset the breaker and still no sign of life. I am now checking the control board having removed the top and front panel: no immediate signs of a burn-out anywhere. Given the machine had ended its cycle, I'm inclined to think that it's not likely to be the motor or pump because they would have to be drawing current to go wrong. I can't see any other obvious signs of a problem, and to be honest, no smell of burning so maybe the "hissing sound" clue is a red herring. What would be the order of things to check after this? I was wondering if the silvery cylindrical block near the point where the mains cable enters the unit could be a capacitor and whether they blow? Suggestions welcome - thank you!
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