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  1. Thanks for the reply Andy, I've been doing some digging since my last post and I found a small company that are going to make me some bearings for the mangle and re-face all the shafts so the mangle is just about sorted, the agitator drive shaft problem might not be a problem at all, at the end of the day all I need is a rotary drive shaft seal and it looks like SKF do a seal that will do the job if I put two seals in and use the original spring, SKF part number CR6916. The internet is a truly marvellous thing imagine trying to do what has taken me just a few hours to sort out before we had the internet! I have included a Wikins Servis AD, so you can see what the machine will look like when complete, the Model S mk15 is bottom right and as luck would have it, it's the same colours that I have chosen, have a look at the date at the top right, It could be that my machine is older than I thought the motor ID plate has got B.S 170, 1939 stamped on it, made by GE. I hope to have the machine complete by early new year and will post pictures, It's been a learning experience from the day I purchased the machine and very good to know that the machine will be used and stay in the family long after I am gone, Cheers Andy and any one taking an interest in this post.
  2. Hello Andy , It was a UK machine made at the Darlaston works between 1952 to 1956 I think but could be wrong about the dates, By what was then Wilkins & Mitchell LTD, I think they started out making industrial press and stamping machines upto 6000 tonnes, the Wilkins & Mitchell name was changed to Wilkins Servis and then to just Servis. I love old washing machines made by this firm and early Hotpoint's too, they were built like tanks made to last and made with easy servicing in mind. I am having problems finding replacement bearings for the hand cranked mangle and agitator disc drive shaft, the drive shaft will be the most difficult because it has got to be water tight, could turn out to be a bit of a nightmare, if I can I will post before and after photo's of the completed machine, it is very important to me that I do get the machine in full working order because my mother has been diagnosed with a memory illness which will only get worse with time, anything that can trigger deep memories will I have been told help to postpone the illness.Thanks for taking an interest Andy and a merry christmas to you and all that read this post.
  3. Hello every one I am new to your forum, Could some one help with any service info for my Wilkins Servis model S mk15, I purchased the machine a few months ago for my mother to use, it was the first electric powerd washer she had. I have completed about 80% of the work needed to get the machine back to showroom standard, I have repainted it in the red and white limited edition colours, it is still in bits but looks very good, I am having problems trying to find a replacement lid for the tub that keeps the water hot while the machine is washing, so if any one has got photos of the lid veiwed from above and below the lid I will fabricate a new one if I can not find any one with one for sale. If any one can help that would be a big help thank you for reading my post and any help you can give .cheers.
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