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  1. Indeed there is a relay that drives the door lock. The door lock on this machine doesn't have a bi metal strip, it rather has a coil that, when activated, pushes a catch like those on those push to open kitchen cabinet doors, that latches and causes a switch to close feeding back that the machine is now locked, so the relay basically activates the coil for a very short period and then releases it, because now the catch is active. to unlock the coil is activated again and the catch goes back to the unlocked position. If I ever manage to discover why the coil was activated twice causing the door to unlock I will re-reply to this thread, it is tricky though, as it might be the software, one of the ICs, one of the components/tiny smd components or a loose joint or broken track especially that it was intermittent. I was surprised he didn't hook up his computer to the board and analyze to try and figure out what caused the issue in the first place, I guess it is easier to just replace the part and move on to the next job.
  2. Hello Again, So the problem turned out to be the main control board. The guy didn't do any tests, he said he's seen this same problem before, just got there took out the board put in a new one and bob is your uncle. Since the machine is still pretty new, bosch provided the parts for free, and I only had to pay the callout fee of 95£. So it wasn't bad after all. He suggested it might be one of the relays misbehaving on the old pcb, I went ahead and tested all the relays one by one, all seem to be working fine. When I find a bit more time I will play with that pcb a bit more, to see if I can discover what was causing the issue, it is a fun exercise, but there is a lot of super tiny smd components on that board, so it might not be that easy to figure things out...maybe I can serial connect to it,a nd see if it is spitting out any errors on a serial monitor...
  3. Hello again, just to give you an update. so I went ahead and worked on it a bit more this last week end, different sockets gave the same result, and the problem persisted if I had disconnected the motor board completely, but then I worked a bit on the control board, disconnecting cables, testing, trying to clean plugs (they weren't dirty or anything, just though it might be a lose plug or smtg). reassembled everything and low and behold everything works as expected. we did a few washes and 2 days later the same problem is back!! so I redid similar manipulations to what I had done the previous time, but this time there is no luck I can't get it to work again, I thought of doing a reset but couldn't find the procedure for it, and thought of running the test programs but I couldn't find their descriptions anywhere, and it seems most of them don't run because of the existing problem (as the machine can't lock properly) So at the end, I called up bosch and they are going to come over and have a look. I will let you know what it turns out to be.
  4. Thank you for the quick reply Andy, I had had a quick look at the control PCB, nothing seemed odd/burnt on it. the interlock that I have is a solenoid based one, I tried it on the machine while I had it in my hand, and mechanically it was doing the right thing. I am sure I installed it right, as it is literally just plugging the cable and clicking it into place. I am not sure why it clicks twice though, is it locking and then detecting a fault somewhere so it unlocks, hence the second click. or does it attempt a first time to lock, detects that it didn't manage to do that and then tries to lock again hence the second click? someone on another forum suggested that it might be a fault with the motor control pcb or an earthing fault, not sure about these, I haven't had a look at the motor control pcb though to see if there is anything odd with it, I will during the week end. "extremely dedicated" lol , well I am a mechanical engineer,it comes with the territory I suppose and what confuses me even more is that when I force the interlock to think it is locked, most of the time (as I have to try a few times every time I want to run it) the machine runs normally, and does a proper wash / dry cycle, with all the washing, spinning, draining and drying working properly. without that override it never runs.
  5. Hello, It is my first post here, and I hope I will find some help about this matter. I have this washing machine Bosch WVG30461GB, which started acting up a while back. So I'd click on the start button, after having selected the program, the door would click once and then click again, the machine would beep twice, the lock icon won't come on and the machine won't start. It used to be intermittent, and in the instances where it didn't start, retrying a few times usually got it working again. About a week ago the issue became permanent, no matter how much I retry the issue persists. After having checked the obvious things, including no blockages or anything stuck in the pump. I looked a lot on the internet, and it seems most answers pointed towards the interlock being the faulty part, I took it out, bought a new one and installed it, but nothing changed the issue is still the exact same. An additional thing I did actually try, is I took the old interlock, opened it, removed the locking mechanism from it (the mechanical tongue that locks the door), and then I forced the solenoid in the locked position, low and behold the machine starts, most of the time, sometimes it still doesn't but retrying a couple of times usually works. obviously this is not very safe as the door can be opened at any time. The last test I did is I started disconnecting the different parts of the machine one by one thinking that if there was a short circuit somewhere this might help me find it, but none of this helped, every time I disconnected something and tried it did the same exact thing. except a couple sensors that when disconnected didn't allow me to click the start button in the first place. So here I am super confused about what the issue might be. Sorry about the long post, but I thought the more information I give the better you would be able to diagnose and hopefully shed some light on what might be going on. I thank you all in advance. Regards.
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