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  1. I suspect that it isn't water getting in as it didn't happen straight away. There wasn't noticeable sparking and it was only happening on the final spin cycle which is a bit odd. There is a lot of carbon dust everywhere, something tell me that cheap brushes are cheap for a reason, and the motor is noisier than it was, especially in reverse. Do you have any recommendations for brushes? Oddly I laid it down again, to check the motor wiring and gave the connectors into the controller a bit of a wiggle and on the next try the problem had stopped. It will have a proper run tomorrow to see if the problem comes back. It must be something to do with the controller, maybe a relay controlling the valve solenoid? I might just buy a water hammer arrestor anyway, just in case!
  2. I have a Bosch Exxcel 7 washer that has started causing a water hammer on the final spin cycle. This started after I changed the brushes so may be because something got disturbed when the washer was lying on its front. Having a good investigate with the cover off, the solenoid on the water inlet valve is being operated in about 1sec pulses which is causing the water hammer, it's also leaving water in the conditioner part of the detergent drawer. So something is momentarily switching the inlet valve solenoids. Does anyone have an idea of where I should look next? Getting the Bosch engineer out is something I'd rather not have to do, given that it's well out of warranty! Nick
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