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  1. Hi all - I kind of remember reading about a service feature on my AEG washer where I could display the actual temperature sensor reading on the display while running a normal wash - so without entering the diagnostic mode with no laundry loaded. Can anybody help? Thanks!
  2. Update, after a long time! I've called AEG again - I just kept putting that off! - they replaced belt and motor. While the noise had recently decreased and become intermittent, it happened briefly during the spin test. The technician says that as this is intermittent AEG are unlikely to go any further as the next step would be to replace the tub. I guess I'll live with that, it's just a small annoying thing...
  3. yes, it happens when full and when empty, low and high speed. I am going to check the seal better but the gap is very small and the drum is definitely not whining all the time. Another option would be to open the back when it's noisy and it should be clear if the noise is coming from there or not. This is a 'damaged' unit from a big retail chain here - indeed the front panel has a small dent so I'm supposing that the seal is slightly pushed towards the drum than it should be... But, again, it only happens every now and then.
  4. update: 2 washes later the noise has clearly returned... It's weird, it does sound like squeaking rubber. I guess I'll follow the technician's plan and have belt and motor replaced.
  5. Today the AEG technician has attended the machine. As expected, the noise had gone in the meantime, despite several attempts to trigger it. He heard the recording and he said that it doesn't sound like a bearing issue. He mentioned that sometimes the belt gets misaligned and it takes a few washes for it to get back into the correct position - he said it's quite a common issue. He was quite professional though, he said to keep using the machine and if the noise came back to call the service centre and he would return to replace the motor and the belt. Sounds like a plan!
  6. Ok. That was a "damaged" unit from a known retailer in the UK - it came with some cosmetic damage and a good discount. It's under warranty anyway so no worries but I reckon they'll just refund me and take the machine back. I noticed AEG have just released new models. They are just washing machines - I'm not expecting to behave massively differently from the previous models but do we know if they are any good? I chose mine after carefully browsing the internet and it is one of the best machines recommended by Which - unless you want to consider samsung washers. If they offered to send an AEG engineer, I'll let you know what it is - can the tub be opened on an AEG? I still feel that AEG would probably replace the machine anyway as replace the bearings is not the quickest task...
  7. not that I can see. I'll have a better look but it seems to come from the back of the machine. Shall I call AEG and have it fixed before it gets worse/it stops working? The machine is 2 months old.
  8. I've managed to save a recording. This is with no load and using the diagnostic menu - so the washer spins to 650rpm, then jumps to 1400rpm very quickly. You'll hear a whining noise towards the end of the cycle. Immediately after I ran another spin cycle which did not show the issue. The speed of the drum does not seem to be affected, it may 'cure' by itself or get worse, who knows. Could I have your opinion please? (I noticed you moved the post under 'repair', sorry for posting in the wrong place!) In fact, on this occasion there is also a 'squeaking' noise when the drum finally stops which I'm not sure I've heard before. http://www.cinematech.it/MyLinks/AEG_bearings3.mp3 Thanks!
  9. Hi Andy, I'll pull the machine out and check. At low speed - by hand or when spinning on its own - is VERY quiet, I believe I can just barely hear the noise from the belt. And if I run the spin with no load I can't hear anything unusual. It was just today with a full load. I'll try and take a recording next time I do the laundry again.
  10. Hi there I've noticed today that my brand-new AEG is getting noisy when spinning at a certain speed with a full load. To me, it's a bad bearing noise. It's not awful but obviously it raises some concerns. I have noticed that if I spin the drum by hand with NO POWER connected the drum spins freely up to a certain speed, then it develops a "spongy" as if the motor was counteracting and it stops immediately. No noise is produced. I'm wondering if this is just a normal behaviour of an inverter motor or a further confirmation that something is not right. Finally, the drum has a very little play if I pull it at the bottom. Thank you!
  11. http://www.waschmaschine-kaputt.com/ Click on Prüfprogramme and select AEG. You'll be presented with some instructions. Basically - as with my old Zanussi and with any Electrolux - you enter the diagnostic mode which allows you to test individual components. First 'programme' is to test all LEDs. Second is loading water from the pre-wash compartment. Third from the main wash compartment etc. The one I like is the "tub leak" function. It loads water up to a minimum level (but you can increase it by loading the water using another programme first) and then spins to 250rpm for a few seconds. I use it to clean the tub, particularly useful if you first pre-heat the water at 90°C (function 6). It's a shame the machine does not come with a dedicated "tub clean" cycle, featuring the same thing. The diagnostic menu is also useful to quickly rinse the machine after it's been off for a while. I'm doing the laundry every 7-10gg and sometimes the water at the bottom can stink (in that case you may need to run a hot cycle BTW). Rather than running a rinse programme - which takes time and, most importantly, will spread the stinky water around the tub - I load a little water and drain it several times using the diagnostic menu. Anyway, I'm so far happy with my AEG. Only thing it seems not very good at very small loads - it loads too much water and clothes then float on it.
  12. it also mentions monitoring the current of a phase through the inverter. Probably a more expensive way of doing so. I've found the instructions for the diagnostic mode of my washer - which is basically the same on every Electrolux machine. Are you happy for me to post the link? It's in german (No, I don't know German but I can figure it out looking at the pictures!)
  13. I have found a patent from General Electric that allows the washer to monitor the current from the inverter - but that requires an inverter. https://www.google.com/patents/US20130186199 I believe I've seen a tachometer on the back of the motor installed on AEG machines - it's probably easier to do and the same can be done on non-inverter machines.
  14. Very interesting, I thought so. (not only) Washing machines are a pack of marketing these days. I really wonder if they do some actual R&D and tests or whether all the gimmicks on those machines are made up from scratch to sell more. I guess that nowadays what matters is the software on those boards as, as you confirmed, most parts are identical between machines. But, again, I wonder if they actually do R&D and tailor the software to achieve the best possible result or just make sure the drum is spinning and create slightly different versions for different brands/models. I shall research and find out how the board can get a feedback from the motor, that's quite interesting too. My AEG has a small inverter inside, maybe that gives more control power on the motor itself. But what about those machines with no inverter? I'll look that up!
  15. Very interesting, I didn't know about the ball. I agree the third pump seems to be an - expensive, prone to damage and overkilled - alternative solution for that indeed. This machine indeed loads water before loading the detergent, even though it flushes the 'stain additive' compartment when doing that. The machine does not have a separate way to fill just water. Looking at the inside of the machine, you then realise that most of the parts are the same parts used by other machines (in this case Electrolux, Zanussi, AEG) and that after all... it's a metal drum spinning in a puddle of water! I hate marketing. Out of curiosity, how does the machine weigh the laundry? And how does it understand if the laundry is not balanced when spinning? I could not see wires coming out of the shock absorbers, so it must be the motor sending some feedback to the electronics? Observing how the machine loads the water makes me think that that could be the 'weighing' mechanism: if I load X amount of water and it's gone after Y seconds, then it must be at least Z grams of laundry - and that is done again till the water level does not decrease anymore. But during the spin there must be something else. I have been looking for the service manual of this machine, I'd like to access the diagnostic menu - just for tinkering. I used the service menu of my Zanussi to sanitize the drum: I would heat the water to 90° and then I would run the 'tub leak' diagnostic, which spins the drum at 500rpm for a few seconds with the tub still full of water. Can you help me by any chance? Thanks!
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