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  1. The True Life Of A Bosch?

    Hi, My 5 years old Bosch Maxx IT (WFR 2860) packed up 2 weeks ago We bought a John Lewis JLWM1603, which arrived damaged but they left it for us to use while they got a replacement. I'm staggered at the wash times compared with my last machine. I'm now looking round for a faster machine with a large load capacity which is relatively low on water and power consumption and will ask John Lewis to replace the damaged one with a different machine. I've found that wash times are not stated on specifications. Cost is not particularly an issue and I very much agree that spending twice as much on a machine that lasts twice as long, or longer is good value. My guess is that "cold fill only" is a factor in the length of the cycle, but have been unable to find any hot and cold fill machines. I usually get through 5 or 6 loads and do all my washing on one weekend day. This is just not a practical option with the wash times I'm experiencing and if the load size is smaller it could take all weekend!. I feel as if I've gone backwards and wish I still had my old machine. I would also want any replacement to last much longer than 5 years. I'd appreciate any advice you could offer. Brenda