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  1. Hi all.. One issue I haven't seen either on the forums or the website is a general guide on when to give up on trying to repair a washer and go for a new one. Is there any general concensus on this issue, or do you think it can only be decided on a case by case basis? Of course.. this abstract question is leading on to my own problems I recently had to replace the motor on my Hotpoint WD52, and when I say "I", I mean the repair man as I heeded the warnings aimed at novice electricians. Now a couple of months on, I have the feeling something is wrong because the machine wobbles on the spin cycle even with an empty load. The choice I'm faced with is a second repair that could come to the cost of a new budget machine, or a new machine. I hope this question isn't too specific to warrant deletion, as I think a general guide to what kind of problems are 'big jobs' would be a help to someone. As an aside, thanks to andy washerman, this site is a little goldmine