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  1. Ahhh i think i have found the answers to my problems, today i am going to have to call an engineer being as i am not one. probably the best thing to do!! Cheers andy
  2. When buying this a year ago we was assured it was ECO friendly, on the electric side it is not so bad but wow it takes in some water, our bill rocketed after starting to use the washing machine. Also not that user friendly it is like trying to crack the Da Vinci code always coming out to wet/damp or the machine runs for 2 and a half hours, which can not be that ECO! but for a budget washing machine in general it is not that bad!!
  3. My local shop will open not long before i go to sleep being as i work night's so i can pop in, i can not find the washing machine belt size anywhere unless i am going blind or the belts are all the same size? sorry for any inconvenience i really appreciate the help!! Thanks again
  4. Hello Andy Turns out i learn't a lot form that link it's quiet handy i think it is the belt the drum turns looser than usual and there is a squeaking sound also coming from the bottom area... The link was great!! i am going to see how easy it is to replace the belt/call an engineer Thanks
  5. Hi all i brought a indesit iwc81481 Eco washing machine for sale at a warehouse sale it's 8kg 1400 spin, to be honest really good machine for the price but it is only 1 year old and i am experiencing problems :/ my drum has stopped working, its like trying to spin but not spinning. Obviously i haven't put to much washing in the machine. About a week ago when i put the washing machine on the lights flashed and it din't start so i just turned it off and on again and it starts to work fine!??? I have learn't that the machine is very unreliable and my personal opinion is go spend a little extra and get a lot more for you'r money or you will just spend more in the long run fixing the problems. Any help would be great Thanks
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