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  1. My White Goods Blog

    Hi Andy, Yes I would be delighted to receive your blog! Steve.
  2. Quick Couple Of Questions

    Hi thanks for the quick reply, both machines seem very good, I can pick up the Miele for £237 more than the ISE but at the moment you get a 10yr guarantee, so I suppose if you look at the build quality aspect that you have mentioned and the perceived value of the extra 5 yrs warranty over the ISE, the Miele is actually quite a good deal. I was as you put annoyed that it was the same part that had failed, But overall I was very happy with the machine. SDM197
  3. Hi, I must say that this website has been very helpful so far with all the info provided. I am in the process of replacing my Miele W698 Hydromatic machine, it unfortunately suffered from the same fault three times (temperature controller). My confidence in Miele has been rocked slightly, which is why I am looking at the ISE. I should point out that the Machine is now 13yrs old though. its first failure was 3yrs after purchase the second failure was only Jan last year, and now it has failed again. Now to the point, does the Miele W4144WPS or the ISE have a steel outer drum? On your opening info about buying a new machine it is mentioned that this is a good feature. Are any machines these days sold with hot fill? My mother says there are, but I have yet to see one. All replies most welcome. SDM197.