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  1. thanks for the guidance. I also think it is worth the gamble but wasn't sure how long an AEG machine should last. 10 years sounds fine. This throw away mentality is terrifying and the ramifications are going to hit our kids. So this is a conscience decision more than anything. Now all I've got to do is find an honest washing repair man in south west london :-) Thanks for the tips on your site - much appreciated! Cheers Charlie
  2. Hi All, I have a good quality AEG LAVAMAT that has lasted 6 years so far. The seal got slightly damaged (shirt got caught and slight tear in seal). This resulted in a leak (thank god we were in the house when it happened). My question is whether to buy a new machine or get the seal replaced about £80. Is 6 years a good run for an AEG? Or should we just count our losses and use the money toward a new AEG or is it worth getting it repaired? The seal has smelt for a while (we did not remember to do a service wash) and I also wonder if this may have affected other parts of the machine. Very happy with AEG by the way, the damage was purely human error. It has also reminded me to thing twice about using that timer at night, it would have been a disaster if we'd not been in the room! thanks Charlie