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  1. Hi, I've just joined and was amazed to see the following: Our Bosch Maxx (WFL 226L) is giving up the ghost, can't manage to complete the wash cycle, stops about three quarters of the way through, and then I have to switch dial round to spin or rinse to get a slightly dryer wash load (but not much). Have had a local engineer come and check it over, and it needs a new circuit board, which is likely to cost around £250. Bearing in mind the machine is just over 7 years old I feel it should be replaced. It cost £370 in 1999. My Bosch Maxx is 6 years old and has exactly the same problems. Thanks to reading your site I've saved myself the cost of getting my machine repaired. As several other people have mentioned Bosch is not what it used to be..... When I bought my machine (6 years ago - £430) I thought I was buying a German tank, that would last for ages, never let me down and be thrown out because of got fed up with the sight of it. Oh no.....it has been problematic for three years now and it's inability to finish a cycle is the final straw. Don't be fooled by the brand name - it's definately not what I expected..... Miele for me this time. If that fails, I shall buy a washboard!
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